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Dinosaurs. Lions. Other animals. Plants? not people. I write, sometimes, but can never keep it short. I paint very occasionally, but I sketch much more often. I'm still rubbish at it. I love dabbling in crafts such as book binding, sewing, crocheting and knitting. I come from Pinterest and I bring you all adoration.

My very current projects are a book I am determined I will finish before moving on (I always am, lol!) and some cartoons I have just started with, that don't have a name. All of my work is copyright; should you want a print or a copy of a book or to order something and the option is not available, just message me.
I'm sick. Like, in body as well. I somehow managed to get a thyroid infection and am still recovering even after a week of antibiotics. But the good news is that I finally got into the groove of using all this free time to do creative stuff. I'm writing like three books (I go off one and force myself to go back to another instead of starting a new one now) and I started making comic strips, with these cute little mouse-people. They're random and not cool but they make me laugh at the time and it's quite therapeutic.

I'd love to get into book binding but money for stuff and. You know. You know how it is. Effort. I have some ideas I consider good for book design, and while not exactly original, I declare that hand made books do not absolutely have to be original (I'm looking at some of your crap, Etsy). They're good ideas, that's the important thing. And I need an awl. And a drill. And a bandsaw. I just love shopping for powertools. And yes, I am still female.

My mouse comic doesn't have a name yet. The nominees are:
Rat Race
Lab Rats
Mouse Clicks
Rodent Moments

Open for voting and further nominations. You can find the one/s I have uploaded in my 'mouse cartoon' folder!

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Many if belated thanks for watch :)
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oh nooo I've been found.
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Thank You very much for watching me :iconaheartforyou:
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